opening hours : 08:00 am - 09:00 pm
Location : 55 main street, new york

About Us

About Saburritos

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Inspired by sumptuous Mexican street fare, Saburritos is a unique combination of authentic Mexican cuisine combined with the relaxed ambiance of a Californian burrito bar, to create a unique casual dining experience. Collecting flavors and ingredients from the corners of Mazatlan, Tijuana and California our creations become a journey of flavors for you.
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    A Taste for Adventure!!
    Saburritos is the perfect blend of real Mexican cuisine combined with the atmosphere
    of a burrito bar.
Fresh & Authentic
Cold Drinks
Cold Drinks
Large Range
Hot Drinks
Hot Drinks
Large Range
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We prepare a large range of fresh and authentic Mexican Food like burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, chile con carne, nachos, fajitas, taco shells, soft tacos etc.

We also have a large range of cold drinks and hot drinks. Our Mexican Foods are freshly prepared in house every day. We provide various gluten free and vegetarian options for our patrons.

We offer a wide range of natural Mexican soda drinks to our valuable customers. They are made from natural sugars and fruit juices without colorings.

first burrito bar in Dublin

Our success story began since a long time ago when we opened the very first burrito bar in Dublin, which was a great success. Later we decided to grow our company by opening a larger unit in the Epicurean Food Hall in less than 10 months we opened another unit in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre collecting more success, we continued to grow with the opening of franchise stores in North Earl street and in Pavillions Shopping Centre. We are still continuing to expand with the upcoming opening of our latest restaurant in Dame Street Dublin.